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Savory Flavors: Meat to Mediterranean Mixes

Savory Flavors

Natural, and nature-identical flavors; in liquid and powder form are available for chips and snacks, broth, soups, ready meals, stuffing, gravy, sauces, dressings, sausages, ham, wuster, bacon, and other delicates, pet foods.

Meat Flavors

  • Boiled and roasted tastes: beef, chicken, veal, pork (natural ad also yeast-free) flavors

  • Fish flavors: salmon, shellfish, sea bass, etc. (natural and also yeast free)

  • Smoked salmon flavor

  • Natural smoked flavors

  • Grilled sausages flavors

  • Brasato (Traditional Italian dish-beef&vegetables&spices&wine) flavor

  • Parma ham flavor, speck flavor, pork sausages flavor

  • Marrow flavor(also natural)

grilled meat flavor
gouda cheese flavor

Full of Cheese Varieties

  • Gouda flavor

  • Parmesan flavor

  • Pecorino flavor

  • Mozzarella flavor

  • Gorgonzola flavor

  • Kashkaval flavor, etc.

Traditional Tastes

  • Arrabiata flavor

  • Bolognese flavor

  • Brasato flavor

  • Carbonara flavor

  • Matriciana flavor

  • Pesto alla Genovese flavor

arrabiata, bolognese, brasato, carbonara, matriciana, pesto alla genovese flavor
mushroom flavor

Mediterranean Mix Flavors

Mushrooms Flavors

Vegetables and Vegetable Mixes Flavors (artichoke, radicchio, spinach included)

Herbs Flavors

Formaggio and Spinach Mix Flavor

Ricotta and Spinach Mix Flavor

Chips and Snacks Coating Flavors (powder):

  • Cheese Flavor

  • Paprika Flavor

  • Bacon Flavor

  • Pizza Flavor

  • Sour Cream Flavor

  • Onion Flavor

  • Nacho Flavor

  • Taco Flavor

  • BBQ Flavor

  • Chicken Flavor

  • Peanut Flavor

  • Sunflower Flavor

  • Butter Sweet Corn Flavor

savorychips flavors: onion, bacon, pizza, sour cream, herbs, nacho, taco, chicken, peanut, sunflower, butter sweet corn flavor

New Developments

  • Brasato flavor

  • Grilled sausages flavor

  • Smoked salmon flavor

  • Truffle flavor (liquid, oil soluble)

clean label truffle flavor

Clean Label!

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